Novacom Wireless is a Russian manufacturer and developer of innovative devices for wireless data transfer.

Today, the company is focused on developing of GLONASS/GPS equipment and industrial 3G routers.

Novacom Wireless’s products has been widely applied in various M2M systems:

  • GLONASS/GPS monitoring, management and control of mobile objects (vehicles, cargo, containers, etc.).
  • Payment terminals and ATMs.
  • Monitoring, control and management of fixed remote locations (industrial automation, gas and oil pipelines, metering “SMART Home”, etc.)
  • Telemetry
  • Security systems (access control, video surveillance).
  • Vending system (security, telematics, control)
  • Mobile Internet access


Novacom Wireless has its own service-centre allowing fully production, adjustment and maintenance of wireless data transfer. 

Novacom Wireless actively participates in development and system integration hardware, wireless data, implements technical support devices, as well as support in developing appropriate software.

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